ADA Compliant Solutions

Bollard Post with Push Plate or Touch Panel

Alternative to wall mounted access control or switches for entry doors. Bollard post provide visibility and meet accessibility guidelines. Practical solution for surface mount or in-ground installation.

BPS6P 42" surface mount, 6" square post

BPG6D 54" in-ground, 6" square post

  • For use with Push Plates, Touch Panel Columns & Exit Switches
  • 6” square with 1/8” walls
  • Black HDPE mortised removable cap with secure transmitter mount
  • Standard single gang prep located at 36” from finished floor
  • Surface mount (42”) or In-Ground mount (54”)

Ingress-R.E.X Touch Panel Column
Push to Open, blue infill, SPDT, 9"
Push to Open, blue infill, DPDT, 9"
Push to Open, blue infill, SPDT, 36"
Push to Open, blue infill, DPDT, 36"

Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

For Remote Control Versatility for Touch Panel Column and Push Plate Switches.

433MHz Micro Transmitter
433MHz One Channel Receiver

Field Programmable Application Module

12/24VDC Voltage Input; 2-N.O. trigger inputs; 2-SPDT 10A outputs

UR Series Universal Door Controllers provide a choice of individual dip switch selectable relay operating modes or system modes for lock control, monitoring, communicating door or lock system logic. Relay output modes may be individually configured as a Dry Contact or Voltage (Wet) Output. Relays may be configured to work independently or in tandem with adjacent relay. May be used as sequencer for lock release and door operator activation.

Push Plate Switches - Wireless and Hardwired

For Handicap Access, Automatic Door Activation & Request-to-Exit Applications

1-11/16” Narrow Mullion Push Plate Switch – Recessed, Surface Box or Bollard Mount

2¾” x 4½” Single (1) Gang Push Plate Switch

4 ½” x 4 ½” Square Push Plate Switches

6” x 6” Square Push Plate Switch

4 ½” Round Push Plate Switch

6” Round Push Plate Switch