Transformers & Plug-In DC Power Supplies

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.

TR12 SDC Power Supply, Plug-In, 12VDC, 1 Amp Output, 120VAC Input, Screw Terminals

TR24 SDC Power Supply, Plug-In, 24VDC, 1 Amp Output (Protected), 120VAC Input, Wire Leads

TP1220 SDC Transformer, Plug-In, 12VAC, 1.6 Amp Fused Output

TP2440 SDC Transformer, Plug-In, 24VAC, 1.6 Amp Fused Output

TJ2440 SDC Transformer, Base or J-Box Mount, 1.6 Amp Fused Output

TB2450 SDC Transformer, Base Mount, 2 Amp Output, Replaceable Fuse

TB24100 SDC Transformer, Base Mount, 4 Amp Output, Replaceable Fuse

BR64XL SDC Rectifier, Converts AC to DC