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410 Series

Narrow Push Button Switches

The illuminated switch button is two inches square for easy activation and is visually conspicuous. The high impact resistant material stands up to abuse. The “PUSH TO EXIT” sign complies with NFPA requirements.

The 410 series narrow frame mount exit switch assemblies include a large push button on a narrow frame mount plate with push switch signage “PUSH TO EXIT”.

Code compliant manual releasing devices and sensors 413MN exit switches used together with MD-31D motion sensors comply with manual releasing device and sensor device requirements for access-controlled egress doors.

412N Momentary (MO), SPDT

413N Electronic Timer, Adjustable

413MN Electronic Timer, Fixed

413PN Pneumatic Timer, Adjustable

414N Momentary (MO), DPDT

415N Alternate Action (AA) On/Off

u Features
  • Green or red illuminated switch buttons
  • Electronic timer, pneumatic timer, momentary (MO) and alternate action (AA) on/off models
  • Stainless steel faceplate
  • Push-to-exit sign
  • Green and red lens included
    (413MN models include green lens only)
  • Auto-sensing dual voltage