430 Series Mushroom Exit Switch

The SDC 430 Heavy Duty Industrial Series incorporates a 1 1/2'' round mushroom button with heavy duty contacts. The assembly is capable of withstanding high impact and is ideal for heavy duty high frequency use.

1 Gang

431C AA (On/Off) NC SPST

431O AA (On/Off) NO SPST

432C Momentary NC SPST

432O Momentary NO SPST

432KUR Latching/ key reset DPST

432KLDUR Lockdown key reset DPST, LOCKDOWN

432KLDURL2 Lockdown key reset DPST, 1 red, 1 green LED, LOCKDOWN

434 Momentary DPST

435 AA (On/Off) DPST

2 Gang

433 Momentary with Electronic Timer Module, Adj. 1-60 Seconds. 12/24V AC/DC, SPDT 2A Contact

431CN AA (On/Off) NC SPST

431ON AA (On/Off) NO SPST

432CN Momentary NC SPST

432ON Momentary NO SPST

432KNUR Latching/ key reset DPST

434N Momentary DPST

435N AA (On/Off) DPST

  • 1.5” Mushroom Exit Switches
  • Heavy Duty to Withstand Impact
  • Water Resistant Contacts
  • Ideal for High Frequency Use
  • Green Button standard - Specify R for Red Button

The SDC 433KLDUR and 432KUR latches when depressed and must be reset with the built-in-key. Applications include alarm, panic alarm and emergency door release where systems are restored by authorized personnel only.
Red Button Standard


Mini Timer, Adj. 1-60 seconds
N.O Trigger input
2 Amp SPDT output