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45 Series

5/8” Latchbolt Electric Strikes

SDC’s 45 series 5/8” latchbolt electric strikes are centerline latch entry strikes designed for use with cylindrical locksets and mortise locksets without deadbolt for both metal and wood frames. 45 series strikes accept 5/8” throw latchbolts or up to ¾” throw latchbolts with 1/8” door gap.

45F models are fire-rated and accept 9/16” throw latchbolts or up to 5/8” throw latchbolts with 1/8” door gap.

Built with all stainless steel parts, a durable die cast body and fewer moving parts for maximum lifespan and corrosion resistance, the quality construction makes 45 series strikes ideal for high traffic applications. The compact low profile design enables quick and easy installation where jamb space is limited.

Centerline latch entry strikes require the latch to enter at the strike “centerline” located exactly between the top and bottom of the strike faceplate.*

* Refer to installation instructions and template to determine strike location prior to frame preparation for new and retrofit installations.

x See Datasheet For More Info
  • UL 1034 Burglary-Resistant Electric Locking Mechanisms
  • UL 10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies*
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.31 ANSI/BHMA A156.31 Grade 1*

* Applies to 45F models only.

45 Series Multi-Application Strike Kit
5/8” Latchbolt Strike, 4-7/8” Square Corner Faceplate, 630
9/16” Latchbolt Strike, Fire-Rated, 4-7/8” Square Corner Faceplate, 630
AC to DC Bridge Rectifier
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