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Industrial Electromagnetic Locks

E6200 locks are fully featured, made of an epoxy sealed satin stainless steel industrial housing and utilize the same mounting template as major competitive brands. Full monitoring is standard. Recommended for interior doors or outdoor gate applications.

E6200 Single Magnetic Lock, 1200lbs, Weatherized

u Features
  • Retrofits Securitron M62 and Locknetics 70 
  •  Epoxy sealed electronics 
  •  Tamper-resistant 
  •  Stainless steel housing, machine screws and blind nuts 
  •  Stranded conductor cable, 10 feet jacketed 
  •  Field selectable dual voltage 
  •  Voltage and current spike protection 
  •  Instant release anti-residual magnetism circuitry 
  •  Door position status (DPS) 
  •  Bond alert status (BAS)