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EMC Series

Exit Device Sequencer Relays
The EMC Dual Channel Sequencer Module may be used with the S6000FE, S6000PE, or LR100 series Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) device to provide a delayed signal to operate an automatic door operator or when powering a pair of ELR devices from a single SDC 600 series power supply.
EMC Exit Device Sequencer Module

  • The two sequencer channels may be operated as two independent doors or in tandem mode for pairs of doors.
  • Each sequencer channel provides an output to power the ELR device and a “delayed” dry auxiliary output for activation of an automatic door operator. All outputs are field selectable as Normally Open or Normally Closed.
  • When the EMC is used in the tandem mode, power supply requirements for a pair of doors are minimized.
  • Since the attached electric latch retraction devices are powered in a sequential manner, the inrush current of each device is staggered. This creates a lower current requirement upon activation. A smaller power supply can now be used to operate the pair of devices.