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EntryCheck 921 Series

Integrated Digital Keypads with External Electronics

The SDC 921P is an indoor/outdoor stand-alone digital keypads with Prox Reader and Controller (2-piece configuration), designed to control access of a single entry point with up to 500 users. Each user is assigned a proximity card and/or a personal identification number (PIN). Presentation of a proximity card or keypad entry of a code activates one or both of the output relays which releases an electric door lock.

Proximity Integrated Digital Keypad, External Electronics

u Features
  • Uniform Keypad Features
  • Keypad Programmable
  • Cost Effective, Yet Robust
  • Request-To-Exit (REX) Input or Output
  • HID Proximity Compatible (125kHz-RFID)
  • Field Selectable 12/24VAC/DC Input