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GateLok GL160 / GL260 Series

Outdoor Lock for Swinging or Sliding Gates

The SDC GL160 and 260 series electromechanical GateLoks are designed to provide access control and remote locking and unlocking capability for manual or automatic chain link, tubular steel and wrought iron sliding or swinging gates.

Available in either failsafe (locked when energized) or failsecure (unlocked when energized) the electromechanical GateLok provides a higher degree of security than electromagnetic locks. Locking and unlocking may be accomplished with an access control such as a card reader, digital keypad or remote control.

All GateLoks are designed for a 3" (76mm) fence post and 2" (51mm) gate post and are adaptable to smaller sizes.

GL160A SDC Electromechanical Gate Lock, Failsafe

GL163A SDC Electromechanical Gate Lock, Failsafe, w/Key Switch

GL260A SDC Electromechanical Gate Lock, Failsecure

GL263A SDC Electromechanical Gate Lock, Failsecure w/Key Switch

GL260MRA SDC Electromechanical Gate Lock, Failsecure w/Mechanical Release

u Features
  • 12/24VDC standard
  • Auto relock switch
  • Heavy gauge 1/8" weather sealed steel housing