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IP100 Series

Retrofit Exit Device PoE Kits

The SDC IP100 Series 12V PoE-Capable Electric Latch Retraction Kit enables electric access control and dogging of mechanical exit devices. When energized the motor retracts the exit device latch and pulls the pushpad into the dogged (depressed) position enabling momentary or sustained push and pull operation of the door.

The latch retraction mechanism may be activated by an access control, remote control device or building automation system. The exit device always provides uninhibited egress.

QUIET DUO™ IP100 Series available for these brands:

• Von Duprin
• Corbin Russwin
• Hager
• Sargent
• Yale
• Adams Rite
• Falcon
u Features
  • 700 mA Inrush, 200 mA Continuous @ 12VDC
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Capable
  • For access control and sustained dogging applications
  • Simultaneous latch retraction and dogging
  • Pushpad is depressed for most exit devices*
  • Automatic re-trigger if device does not pull on first try
  • Eliminates need for costly replacement of existing exit device
  • Significantly less labor and costs compared to competitive retrofit kits
  • Low current enables longer wire runs with smaller gauge wire
  • No door sequencers required for pairs of manual doors