MSB550W Outdoor Weather Resistance Mechanical Switch Bar

SDC’s MSB550W is designed to release electromagnetic door locks for uninhibited egress in outdoor weather exposed applications. When slight pressure is applied a microswitch is actuated, immediately releasing the electromagnetic door lock, making it the perfect Gate Lock companion. The MSB5500W is an economical alternative to sensor activated bars.

MSB550-2VW 628 Aluminum Anodized

MSB550-2YW 335 Black Anodized

  • Water Sealed Switches
    The MSB550W features a high-quality watertight miniature snap action switch with a monoblock construction, ensuring high sealing capacity. Switch body meets IP67 (IEC 529) requirements.
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    The MSB550W utilizes heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and rugged end
    caps. The mounting assembly is all metal. The rigid construction prevents any malfunction.
  • Only 1/8” Total Bar Movement
    The MSB550W has a maximum movement of only .125”. Trigger activation
    to release the electromagnetic lock is quick and quiet.
  • Perfect Companion for Gate Lock Solutions
    The MSB550W’s watertight switches makes it a perfect companion for outdoor gate solutions. For additional system components, see back page.