S4000E Series
Electrified Commercial Exit Devices
SDC’s S4000E is a Low-Profile, High Value Electrified Grade 1 Exit Device with stainless steel construction. Not all exterior doors have adequate overhang protection,exposing them to weather and corrosion. The S4000E is corrosion resistant and comes with motorized latch retraction and REX pre-installed, making its application as easy as Install - Power - Done.
S4100 Rim Mount

S4200 SVR Surface Vertical Rod

  • Pre-Installed Electric Latch Retraction
  • Stainless Steel Construction - Corrosion Resistant
  • Grade 1 Exit Device
  • Compact Design for Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • Electric Dogging to Hold the Latch Retracted
  • REX Standard for Access Control Compatibility
  • Rim and Surface Vertical Rods
  • Trim Options Available
  • Hollow Metal, Wood and Mineral Core Door Applications