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UR Series

Universal Microprocessor Control Relays

One door controller, multi-door applications: whether you need to control one door or many doors, there is an affordable, field programmable SDC UR series door controller to create your perfect door opening system to reduce costly programming and wiring time. The award-winning UR series is the same simple, reliable, flexible solution to door control trusted in thousands of installations since 1998.

UR-1 models provide a choice of individual dip switch selectable relay operating modes or system modes for lock control, monitoring, communicating door or lock system logic. Relay output modes may be individually configured as a Dry Contact or Voltage (wet) Output. Relays may be configured to work independently or in tandem with adjacent relay.

UR2-4 and UR4-8 models have programmable system and station modes to meet virtually any applications such as airlock, interlock, mantrap and shared bathroom.

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Universal Microprocessor-Based Controller, Two Relays
Universal Microprocessor-Based Controller, Four Relays
Universal Microprocessor-Based Controller, Eight Relays
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