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SECURITY DOOR CONTROLS develops, manufactures and markets mechanical door locks and exit devices, access controls, electronic locking devices and security systems worldwide. Arthur V. Geringer, D.A.H.C., with commitment of his personal funds, founded the company in 1972. Assembly of SDC products takes place in the United States and is available worldwide.

SDC brand products are channeled through security products wholesale distributors, systems integrators, contract and wholesale door hardware distributors. Additionally, SDC designs and manufactures products for several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), who sell SDC products under their own label. Sales are conducted through over 40 sales offices to service accounts.

A leader in the innovation of products within the electronic security and architectural openings industries, SDC holds scores of patents and trademarks. SDC’s locking systems can be found in virtually any application where access control of a door is required; for example, industrial, commercial, retail facilities, technology centers, high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, laboratories, museums, art galleries, libraries, schools and universities, airports and transportation facilities, government centers and military bases throughout the world.

The company’s products and systems can be found in thousands of facilities, such as High-rise structures throughout most major U.S. cities from Los Angeles to New York; Duke Power Nuclear plants, North Carolina; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Exxon, U.S.A; Bank of America facilities, U.S.A.; Chase Manhattan Bank , U.S.A; and many airports including JFK International;, O’Hare, Chicago; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Edwards Air Force Base, California; Chek Lap KOK Airport, Hong Kong; Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia; and Saudi Arabia’s two largest airports located in Riyadh and Jeddah.


Arthur V. Geringer DAHC, CEO of Security Door Controls grew up in his father's architectural hardware business in Chicago. At age four, his parents let him stack hinges at the family's contract hardware business in Chicago. In 1945, Geringer moved to California, where he was employed at a major Los Angeles contract hardware firm. At age 29, he received his Architectural Hardware Consultant Certificate (AHC). Geringer eventually moved to an automatic door firm.

Through his work in the door and hardware industry he recognized more needs for electric locking devices and how their problems with building codes and life-safety became apparent. On a sales call in Sacramento, he explained to the California State Fire Marshal that many owners were looking for ways to legally lock their high-rise stairwell doors on the stair side and continued to illegally chain together exit devices to overcome the problem of break-ins. Without the chains it was simple to insert a coat hanger through the door gap and pull down the panic bar to gain entry. Hence the use of chains and paddle locks that created fire safety hazard. Geringer had the idea that an electric lock energized only after hours and tied to the fire life safety system could eliminate this problem. Unfortunately, existing codes did not permit use of electric locks on stair tower doors in buildings over 70 feet high nor the locking of perimeter doors of commercial buildings. The California State Fire Marshal responded by providing criteria for a lock the state would approve; a minimum life of 800,000 cycles and the capability of unlocking without the use of a spring when signaled by the fire life safety system. At that time in 1972, a lock capable of 100,000 cycles was considered high quality. As a result, Geringer designed (see details Arthur Geringer Bio) and produced a prototype of a lock for perimeter building doors, taking his working model to the Fire Marshal to demonstrate the integrity of the mechanism. The Fire Marshal liked what he saw and After one million cycles in UL testing laboratories, the lock still worked and would release without relying on a spring. The device was approved, and the modern lock industry began. The SDC FS23S and FS23M was born and are still used today for higher security applications that magnetic locks cannot provide. To manufacture these newly approved locks, Geringer founded Security Door Controls in 1972. Today, Geringer, his two sons, his daughter and grandson oversee the daily operations of SDC.

By 1976 utilizing a similar concept, Geringer demonstrated for the California State Fire Marshal the prototype of a new lock for locking stair well doors on the stair side only. Again, he liked what he saw and soon after surpassing 800,000 cycles and other UL tests the HiTower® Electric Frame Actuator Controlled Mortise Lockset was born. For many years it was the only lock to gain approval for use in thousands of high rise stair towers. While Arthur, David and Richard continue to produce innovative new patents, all patents are the property of Security Door Controls.

In the following years Geringer and his sons developed several new products to meet the needs of the industry. As high rise building and airport security became a necessity around the world, SDC developed products to respond to that challenge. Today those products are installed in thousand of buildings dominating city skylines worldwide and are vital components in the overall systems at major airports, including JFK International, O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth. Chek Lap KOK in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia and in Saudi Arabia’s two larges airports at Riyadh and Jeddah as well as the Air Force Academy.

In 1991 Geringer received the U.S. Door and Hardware Institutes highest honor, the “Founders Award”, for his prolific innovation and contributions to the industry. In 2004, Geringer received DHI’s second highest honor, the “Distinguished Consultant” award for technical excellence and standards of performance as an Architectural Hardware Consultant. Today, in addition to industry recognized expertise, a lean manufacturing system and ShipQuick program back SDC product quality, performance and commitment to customer satisfaction.



David Geringer is known throughout the industry as a leading designer of access control hardware and is credited with virtually every SDC patent since 1986. Additionally, David has contributed his expertise and SDC resources to the design and production of products for private labeling by some of the industries largest manufacturers.

David learned the hardware business from the ground up working in customer service and sales with distributors in the door hardware business. Joining SDC in 1983 in what he describes as “the shop”, David worked through a succession of positions, spanning purchasing to sales management. In 1985 he was appointed Vice President of Sales, and in 1992 assumed the position as Vice President of Operations & Engineering.

In his position as Vice President of Operations, David introduced a Lean Manufacturing System to SDC productions. In doing so product quality and output increased while manufacturing each product individually, as apposed to several units at the same time.

As of January 2009 David Geringer has been appointed to his present position as President of SDC. In this new capacity, he continues to lead the research and development team as well as supervising overall company operations. Geringer works closely with his father, Arthur, brother Richard and his son Shane in leading-edge research and development of new products.

Geringer is a member of the Builders’ Hardware Club, Builders” Hardware Manufacturers’ Association, American Production and Inventory Control Society, and is on the Standards Board of the Builders’ Hardware Manufacturers’ Association.

SHANE GERINGER, Vice President of Marketing, Sales, & Strategic Development

Shane Geringer represents the third generation of the family at SDC. He began working in production at SDC in 1988, and learned about the hardware and security business by advancing through a series of positions from sales engineer to his current responsibility as Vice President of Sales. Geringer is in touch with the needs of customers, distributors, dealers and installers. By managing the activities of the National and International Sales Manager, as well as over 40 independent sales representatives, he often finds himself out in the field, providing strategic solutions, evaluating the efficacy of SDC’s products, training customers and representatives, and gathering invaluable market feedback. As a conduit for response, Shane insures that SDC is aware of the latest trends and needs in the security industry, so the design team can incorporate them into future designs.

Shane also coordinates programs for original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, and marketing/sales programs tailored to fit the individual requirements of each SDC business partner.

GLORIA MARCHAND, Secretary/Treasurer
Gloria Marchand joined Security Door Controls as Secretary/Treasurer in 1992. Marchand supervises the accounting department, and is responsible for all month- and year-end financial reporting. Since 1992, Marchand’s role has expanded from controller to include MIS administration. As such she is responsible for acquisition, implementation and training of all accounting, manufacturing, and quality information software and supervises IT personnel.Marchand also oversees the implementation and training of the material resource planning system used by manufacturing, and is a member of the American Production and Inventory Control Society.


BRENT A. MAYNARD, Western Sales Manager

Brent has been with the company since 2000 and has sales responsibility for all major accounts, distributors and security and hardware representatives in the Western territory incorporating ID, MT, WY, AK, OR, WA, CO, UT, AZ, NM, El Paso, TX, CA and HI. He travels extensively with our field representatives to engage with the customers.

His experience with access control locking hardware makes him a valuable resource for providing product training, project specification assistance & application support on behalf of SDC and its large product line (over 250 SKU’s). Brent began his security industry career at a hardware manufacturer in 1987 as an inside sales manager after a 4-year stint in the United States Marine Corps. He spends his vacation time deep sea fishing and enjoys living in a beach community.

You can reach him via email at:

MARY HESTER, Central Regional Sales Manager

Mary is responsible for all major accounts, distributors and security and hardware representatives in the Central territory encompassing MN, ND, SD, WI, IA, NE, KS, MO, IL, IN, OK, AR, TX, LA, MS, Western TN, OH, KY, WV & Western PA. She brings more than 17 years of national experience securing and maintaining sales and distribution of door hardware through security integrators, locksmiths and contract hardware companies.

Mary also brings extensive teaching and training experience of individuals within companies, at trade show education seminars, association meetings, and apprenticeship classes for companies with Union representation. She earned her AHC Apprentice certification from the Door & Hardware Institute. She and her husband live in Michigan and enjoy the many activities the state boasts of – hunting, riding ATV’s, hiking, and relaxing at its many lakes and beaches.

You can reach her via email at:

CHRIS DONOHUE, Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Chris is responsible for all major accounts, distributors and security and hardware representatives within the Eastern territory that includes ME, VT, MA, NH, CT, RI, NY, NJ, DE, E. PA, MD, VA, Washington DC, AL, GA, E. TN, FL, NC, SC. Chris began his security career 23 years ago after serving in the US Army. He gained invaluable experience as an installer before switching to sales and product management for the US division of a European access control systems manufacturer.

Concurrent with his SDC activities, Chris will be graduating in 2017 with a degree in Business Management as a step to pursuing his MBA. Chris is very family orientated and enjoys traveling, playing golf and exploring the adventures in Florida with his wife, four children.

Chris can be reached via email at:


OLGA IAKOMI, Marketing & Events Facilitator

Olga Iakomi is primarily responsible for liaison with distributors and reps, trade show management and social media content management. Originally from Philadelphia, she spent several years as the head of Marketing at a rapidly growing bluetooth access control start up company.

Olga graduated from La Salle University with a BS in Marketing and International Business.  She lives a very active outdoor lifestyle and is excited to take advantage of the innumerable, year-round activities that come with her relocation to weather-friendly Southern California.

Olga can be reached via email at:

Support Staff - (800)413-8783

Kelly Boyce,
Customer Support Manager

Kelly is a veteran with 18 years of SDC experience. He provides technical support, application assistance, and can help with programming access control products. You can reach him at SDC from 6:30 to 3:00 PST.

Robert Lovato,
Technical Support Manager

Robert Lovato has an extensive background in the access control hardware and gate industry. His in-field experience & expertise will enhance his ability to provide customer satisfaction. You can reach him at SDC from 8:30 to 5:00 PST.

Taylor Chmelsky,
Customer Support Representative

Taylor has been with the company since 2010 and provides phone support for customers and processes their orders received by email, fax or phone. You can reach Taylor at SDC from 8:00 to 4:30 PST.

Hunter VanHulzen,
Customer Support Representative

Hunter has been with the company since 2012. He is eager to assist our customers with part numbers and orders, as well as pricing and lead times. You can reach him at SDC from 7:30 to 4:00 PST.

Med Mosher,
Customer Service Facilitator

Med has been in the security industry for 30 years. His experience as a principal in a successful locksmith and access control service business, in addition to working as a project and account manager for a leading national security distributor has uniquely prepared him to help SDC’s customers in his role as a customer service expediter. In his free time, Med enjoys traveling with his wife and family;each year vacationing in Sweden, home of his in-laws, and other locales about the globe.

Founder: 1923- 2016

Arthur V. Geringer DAHC, founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Security Door Controls is the recipient of the Door and Hardware Institute’s highest honor, the Founder's Award, and the second highest honor, the Distinguished Consultant award (D.A.H.C). Geringer has been in the door hardware business for over 60 years. He received his certification as an Architectural Hardware Consultant in 1952. As the inventor of numerous electronic lock designs, Geringer is credited with ushering in the modern era of access control hardware. Through his innovative designs, Arthur Geringer has gained an international reputation and as his name is overheard or when touring a convention floor, he is often greeted by peers he has never met, then typically ask if he is has any new products coming out.

Arthurs Geringer’s association with the security industry started when he was a small boy helping his father in the family owned builder’s hardware business in Chicago, Illinois. His father was one of the first distributors in the country to sell Walter Schlage’s innovative cylindrical locks.

Today in his mid 80’s, Arthur Geringer DAHC has slowed down just a bit, as he now works 6 hours daily. He still continues to participate in the design and development of new and innovative products. It’s not uncommon to enter his office to find parts, napkin sketches and CAD drawings spread across his desk. At the same time he shares his valued experience and provides guidance for the company direction.

Ideas for his innovative and patented designs come from his ability to think outside of the box. He has at least two patent design ideas that were sparked by toys. One toy he recalled from his childhood used repelling magnets to move skating figures around a ice rink, hence the invention of the first dual failsafe electromechanical lock approved by fire marshals for locking perimeter doors and a second product, the first to be approved for locking and access control of stairwell doors. Another toy sparked his imagination, a miniature train with a battery powered sound chip used to make the engine noise and train whistle. This became the inspiration for the first and only delayed egress locking that utilized a human voice stored on a chip in the lock to notify shoplifters or wandering patients why the door would not open, when the door will open and security was on the way.

Inventor and award winning author for industry periodicals, Geringer is a member of the Door and Hardware Institute, the Builders’ Hardware Club of Southern California, Security Industry Association, Associated Locksmiths of America, the Construction Specification Institute, and is on the Standards Board of the Builders’ Hardware Manufacturers’ Association.


Security Door Controls products are manufactured primarily in the U.S. Executive management of the firm is involved in the day-to-day operations, and is solely dedicated to the needs of the security industry. The majority of products manufactured overseas by SDC are sold outside of the U.S.

Another unique feature about the SDC is our dedication and focus on high quality access control hardware engineered and made in the U.S.A, while most of the larger competitors manufacture overseas. SDC is totally committed only to the engineering of the highest quality access control hardware and our product costs are very competitive with both low and high end competitive brands.

SDC occupies a 24,000 square foot factory in the exclusive area of Camarillo, CA. Additionally, SDC works with specific vendors with thousands of square feet dedicated to SDC needs.

OEM Partnerships & Product Design: SDC has an excellent reputation for the development and manufacturing of products for several major U.S. door hardware manufacturers. Products recently developed for others include electrified exit devices, delayed egress exit devices, power supplies, delayed egress locks and access control peripherals. Several standard SDC products are sold to other manufactures for private labeling. David Geringer manages all OEM and product design partnerships.

Lean Manufacturing: SDC utilizes a Lean Manufacturing System to produce SDC products. In doing so product quality and output is increased, material needs are provided for in real time, while manufacturing each product individually, as apposed to several units at the same time. All parts associated with each product are within arms reach at all times along with detailed assembly drawings for assembler reference and insured product quality.

ShipQuick™ Inventory: SDC maintains an inventory of Over 200 products, ship to distributors within 48 hours from either the east coast or west coast SDC facilities.

98% On time Delivery: SDC maintains an on time delivery average of over 98% and as much as 99% for all product orders.

PRODUCT Trademarks

SDC Security®
Security Door Controls®
Premium Grade Access Control Hardware™

EmLock® - Magnetic Locks
Excel™ Magnetic Locks
HiShear® - Magnetic Shear Locks
Spacesaver® - Narrow Mortise Bolt Locks
IP Pro™ - IP-Based Access Control
- IP-based Access Control PLUS PC Client Software

HiTower® - Frame Actuator Controlled Lockset
Selectric® - Electrified Mortise Lockset
Electra™ - Electrified Cylindrical Lockset
Spectra™ - Exit Devices, Mechanical/Electrical
Sure Exit® - Exit Sense Bar
Entry Check® - Access Controls
Exit Check® - Delayed Egress Locks


SDC continues to focus on development of new products and innovations to maintain the position as a the single brand, one-source, and manufacturer/supplier of mechanical and electric access control hardware to our customers. Attention is also given to the continuous improvement of existing product lines. 


Electromagnetic Locks
Electromagnetic Shear Locks
Electromagnetic Gate Locks
Electromagnetic Cabinet Locks
Delayed Egress Locks
Electric Deadbolts
Electric Strikes
Electrified Mortise Locksets
Mechanical Mortise Locksets
Electrified Cylindrical Locksets
Mechanical Cylindrical Locksets
Mechanical Exit Devices
Alarmed Exit Devices
Electric Latch Retraction Exit Device

Electric Mortise Exit Device
Electric Frame Actuator Exit Device
Electric Dogging Exit Device
Delayed Egress Exit Device
Electrified Lever Trim
Digital Keypads
Standalone Card Readers
Card Reader Systems (99 doors)
Exit Sense Bars
Exit Device Switch Kits
Access Control Power Supplies
Exit Switches
Key Switches

SDC offers complete engineered design packages detailed to specific customer needs. The SDC staff analyzes the need, and then uses state-of-the-art techniques that design a system for a particular problem. A System Design Information Folder is presented to the customer, covering general instructions and technical details. This information is designed to assist in proper installation, and clarify method of operation per specification.


SDC has been awarded scores of patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for of new product design innovation. These patents represent an impressive collection of industry firsts by a single company. SDC also holds several brand trademarks names known throughout the security industry.

SIA2Since 1997 SDC has received 12 Security Industry Association (SIA) “Product Achievement” awards and “Security Industry Finest” awards for new product development and an additional 12 certificates of recognition from SIA for “Commitment to Innovation and Excellence in Product Development”.

The SDC website has won the SIA New Product Showcase Product Achievement award for Business Services. The SDC website permits users to specify products, save job folders online and send and receive quotations and RFQ’s to business associates.

SDC has been recognized by the California State Assembly for outstanding impact on local and state economy. The management and employees of SDC are proud to share with our valued customers these accomplishments and honors leading up to our most successful years.

As a member of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) Subcommittee for the Development of Product Standards, the SDC staff contributes expertise and experience for the development of ANSI and BHMA national standards for mechanical, electromechanical and electromagnetic locks.




801 Avenida Acaso          

Camarillo, CA 93012

Phone: 800.413.8783
FAX: 805.494.8680

David A Geringer, President
Shane Geringer,Vice President of Marketing, Sales, & Strategic Development
Gloria Marchand – Secretary/Treasurer


Vision: We want to be recognized for providing the highest quality products and complete customer satisfaction.

Mission: The management and employees of SDC are committed to providing innovative, high quality security products and services that meet our customer needs. Through training and continuous process improvement, we will endeavor to deliver the highest quality product to our customers on time, every time.

Industrial, commercial, institutional, government, utilities, airports, financial, education, universities, health care, transportation, research, nuclear facilities, libraries, art galleries, museums, zoos.

Sales & Distribution
Through contract hardware distributors, wholesale lock distributors, security equipment distributors who supply contractors, systems integrators, electronic security dealers and lock hardware dealers and installers.

SDC and SDC executive management is affiliated with the following Industry organizations:




Kerby Lecka
Chief Marketing Officer

Westlake Marketing Works
Westlake Marketing Works is a Strategic Marketing and Design resource specializing in Print and Digital Marketing to help growing companies achieve better Sales and Marketing results. Services include Marketing Strategy and Planning, Corporate Identity and Positioning, Design, Launches and Brand Management

299 West Hillcrest Drive, Suite 210
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: 805.230.9230

High Rise Safety
& Security

SDC is recognized for the developing the first electrified lockets approved for stairwell door applications. Today, SDC HiTower®, Selectric® and Electra® premium grade electrified mortise and cylindrical locks are installed in thousand of buildings dominating skylines worldwide.


SDC has earned twelve SIA New Product Achievement and Security Industry Finest Awards since 1997. In addition, SDC has received numerous SIA New Product Showcase certificates of recognition for Commitment to Innovation and Excellence in New Product Development.

Projects Short List

  • Austonion High Rise, Austin TX
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York
  • J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
  • King Khalid International Airport,
    Saudi Arabia
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia
  • New DOHA International Airport, Qatar
  • Chek Lap KOK Airport, Hong Kong
  • Bank of America, U.S.A.
  • Chase Bank, U.S.A
  • California State Capital, East End Project
  • Duke Energy Nuclear Plants,
    N. & S. Carolina
  • Exxon Mobile, U.S.A.
  • JFK International Airport; NY
  • University Southern California
  • USC Medical Center
  • UC Davis Research Center
  • LA Unified School Distric, Los Angeles
  • Arizona State University, Arizona


SDC has been awarded scores of patents for:
  • Mechanical Locks & Exit Devices
  • Electric Strikes • Electric Latch Retraction
  • Electric Cylindrical Locks
  • Electric Mortise Locks
  • Actuator Controlled Locks
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Magnetic Shear Locks
  • Delayed Egress Locks
  • Delayed Egress Exit Devices
  • Exit Sense Bars
  • Programmable System Logic Controllers
  • Failsafe / Failsecure lock with quick change window
  • Electronic locking system
SDC Patents:
4,021,065; 4,099,752; 4,596,411; 4,609,910; 4,623,178; 4,623,181; 4,634,155; 4,641,867; 4,826,223; 4,986,581; 5,000,497; 5,006,723; 5,033,779; 5,141,271; 5,376,910; 5,429,399; 5,525,880; 5,564,228; 5,876,073; 6,363,363; 6,363,763; 7,540,542; 7,614,669; 7,698,918; 4963574; 7891222
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