• S6000 Mechanical Exit Devices Standard
  • 918 Digital Keypad, Integrated
    920 Digital Keypad, Integrated
    923 Digital Narrow Keypad, Integrated
    295 Programmable Cabinet Lock
    IP Pro® IP-Based Access Control
  • PoE Hardware
  • E75 Standalone Electronic Keypad
    Standalone Electronic Keypad with Prox
    295 Programmable Cabinet Lock
  • Elevator Lobby Door System
    Z7200 SDC Brand Electrified Cylindrical Lock
    7200 Modified Brands of Cylindrical Locks
    Z7500 SDC Actuator Controlled Locksets
    7500 Actuator Controlled Mortise Locksets
    R7500 Actuator Controlled Mortise Lockset, 5000 Retrofit
    Z7800 SDC brand Selectric Electrified Mortise Lockset
    7800 Modified brands of Selectric Electrified Mortise Locksets
    7000DGK Laser Door Core Drill Fixture Kit
    Field Electrification and REX Kits
    (Schlage, Yale and Sargent)
  • LR100 QUIET DUO™ LR100 Latch Retraction/Dogging Kit
    S6303FH Hitower Pro Frame Actuator Controlled Fire Exit Device
    S6000 Exit Devices & Electric Options
  • PTH Power Transfer Hinges
    PTM Electric Power Transfer Device
    Electric Power Transfer Door Loops
  • EZ-Kits Modular Option Update Kits
    350 Narrow Line Magnetic Door Lock
    E6200 Excel Value Engineered Series, 1200lb Indoor/Outdoor Epoxy Sealed. Retrofits 2 equivalent popular brands
    E1200 Excel Value Engineered Series, 1200lb
    E600 Excel Value Engineered Series, 600lb
    E300 Excel Cabinet Lock 300 lbs
    1510, 1570, 1580 Electromagnetic Locks, Surface Mount
    1560 Electromagnetic Shear Lock
    1575, 1576 Electromagnetic Gate Lock
    1591 Electromagnetic Mortise Lock
    FP, AB, UB, UF Filler Plates, Angle Brackets, Header & Spacer Brackets
    EH Series Magnetic Door Holder & Releasing Device
    Magnetic Lock Application Illustrations
  • 1511S Delayed Egress Locks, Integrated
    101-DE Delayed Egress Controller
    S6000-101 Delayed Egress All-In-One
    1581S Mini Delayed Egress Lock, Integrated
    S6000 DE Delayed Egress Exit Devices
    Reset Stations & Annunciators
  • 15 Value Series Electric Strikes
    25 Electric Strikes for Cylindrical Locks
    30 Series Rim Exit Strike
    45 UniFLEX™ Commercial Duty Electric Strike
    55 UniFLEX™ Heavy Duty Universal Electric Strike
  • 100, 200 Bolt Locks, Mortise
    160, 260 Bolt Locks, Mortise
    GL160, GL260 Gate Bolt Locks
    180, 280 Bolt Locks, Surface Mount
    290 Micro Bolt Lock, Cabinet
    295 Programmable Cabinet Lock
    FS23M Bolt Lock, Narrow, Dual Failsafe
    1090, 1290 Bolt Lock, Narrow
    1091ADMR / 1291ADMR
    Bolt Locks with Mechanical Release
    1490, 2490 Bolt Lock, Super Narrow
    1190, 2090 Bolt Lock, Narrow, Extra Heavy Duty
    PD2090 Top Latch Release
  • Transformers
    602RF 1 Amp Power Supply
    621B, 621P, 621PJ 1 Amp Power Supply
    631RF 1.5 Amp Power Supply
    632RF 2 Amp Power Supply
    634RF 4 Amp Power Supply
    636RF 6 Amp Power Supply
    12VR Voltage Regulator, 12V
    UR-1 Universal Field Programmable Application Module
    UR2-4 Universal Door Control Modules
    UR4-8 Universal Door Control Modules
    Door Control Modules
    Power Supply Capacity Chart
    Wire Gauge Chart & Ohms Law
  • 400 Exit Switches
    430 Exit Switches
    440 Exit Switches
    450 Exit Switches
    400M & MD31 Exit Button & Motion Sensor
    700, 800 Key Switches
    463 Piezoelectric Exit Switch
    474 Sanitary Touchless Exit Switch
    480 Bollard Post with Push Plate or Touch Panel
    491, 492 Emergency Door Release
  • EH Series Magnetic Door Holder & Releasing Device
  • Auto EntryControl™ PUSH Operator
  • PSB560 Exit Sense Bar
    MSB550 Exit Switch Bars
    500 Exit Device Switch Kits
  • EA Series Door Prop Alarm
  • Miscellaneous Accessories
    DT Mini Desktop Consoles
    TCC, RCC Sloped Front & Rack Mount Consoles
    MC & DPS Door Status Switches