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1561TJ Series

Surface Top Jamb Electromagnetic Shear Locks

SDC’s HiShear® electromagnetic shear locks are designed, engineered and built in America for openings that require an architecturally superior appearance. Long recognized as a cut above alternatives on the market, SDC shear locks provide high security with a failsafe locking mechanism to meet a variety of door opening applications. The patented HiShear® design incorporates a floating armature assembly and special alloy steel locking tabs on both the lock and armature assemblies, that may be adjusted both vertically and laterally to compensate for wide door gaps and warped or misaligned doors. Advanced electronic circuitry incorporates a door alignment relock sensor as well as an automatic sensing dual voltage input. Noise dampeners greatly reduce the noise associated with locking and unlocking when compared to other shear locks on the market.

HiShear® magnetic shear locks are ideal for use on commercial grade hollow metal and wood doors, metal frames and Herculite doors with top rails.

1561TJ models are surface mounted to the pull side of an inswing door. For metal door and frame, glass door with top rail and metal frame, or wood door and frame. This mounting configuration eliminates the need for cumbersome and unsightly top jamb Z brackets normally associated with pull side mounted of magnetic locks.

Surface Top Jamb Shear Lock, Integrated Electronics, 2000lbs

u Features
  • Surface mount design 
  •  Floating armature assembly 
  • Special alloy steel shear tabs 
  •  Auto-sensing dual voltage 
  •  Door alignment relock sensor 
  •  Adjustable lateral and vertical alignment 
  •  Noise dampeners