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MSB550 Series

Mechanical Switch Bars

Building codes essentially state that egress through access-controlled doors must not require prior knowledge of operational requirements. Meeting this criterion, SDC’s MSB550 is designed to release electromagnetic door locks for uninhibited egress. When slight pressure is applied a microswitch is actuated, immediately releasing the electromagnetic door lock. The MSB550 series bars are an economical alternative to sensor activated bars.

The MSB550 series uses heavy duty aluminum extrusion and metal caps. The mounting assembly is all metal, and no plastic. The rigid construction prevents any malfunction due to sagging or warped doors or tweaked glass door stiles. With a maximum total bar movement of only 1/8”, trigger activation to release the electromagnetic lock is quick and quiet.

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  • UL 294 Access Control System Units
  • UL 1034 Burglary-Resistant Electric Locking Mechanisms  
  • CSFM Listed 3773-0324:106
Mechanical Switch Bar, 628, 36”
Mechanical Switch Bar, 335, 36”
Mechanical Switch Bar, 628, 42”
Dual Mechanical Switch Bar, 628, 36”
Dual Mechanical Switch Bar, 335, 36”
Dual Mechanical Switch Bar, Weatherized, 628, 36”
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