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Since 1972 SDC products have been designed, engineered and built in America while most of our larger competitors manufacture overseas. The management and employees of SDC are committed to providing innovative, high quality security products and services that meet our customer needs. Through training and continuous process improvement, we will endeavor to deliver the highest quality product to our customers on time, every time.

SDC takes returns for malfunctioning units very seriously, because we want to be recognized for providing the highest quality products and complete customer satisfaction. Due to the technical nature of our industry and product, every returned product must be evaluated at the factory for manufacturing defects. The evaluation process is an integral part of our product improvement process, and because SDC has a tradition of excellence and innovation through several generations of family ownership and operation, SDC will continue to pursue efforts in refining efficiencies and expanding its competence to best serve the market.

Since the company was founded over 50 years ago, SDC has endeavored to provide a high-touch customer support team. You can actually speak to a technical support representative when you call. SDC's technical support logs have found that 75-85% of access control operating problems are due to power related issues. SDC highly encourages all customers review the Access Control Power Guide and to call and troubleshoot malfunctioning units with a technical support representative before requesting a RMA authorization.

SDC is not perfect, we are humans who make mistakes on occasion. Any defects or errors for which SDC is responsible will be rectified. Please take the time to read through SDC's policies and, if required, complete the appropriate RMA Request form to streamline the process.

Policy Information

Product Warranty:

SDC's warranty is a repair/replace warranty, not a credit warranty. Due to SDC's nature as a build to order manufacturer, all products returned for credit are subject to a 35% restocking fee. Ideally, "new/not-need/never used" product should be returned to the distributor to be sold. Credit can only be issued to Direct Account customers. If applicable, credits for returned material will have 2% deducted to cover the cash discount allowance on the original invoice. Products that have been installed may not be returned for credit. Products installed contrary to the installation instructions or in unsuitable environments for their intended use will void the product warranty. Click here to view the full product warranty information for direct accounts. SDC is happy to facilitate return requests for Non-Direct Account users of SDC product, but these returns can only be evaluated for warranty or non-warranty repairs. If you are returning a "new/not-needed/never used" product for credit only or for credit against an advanced replacement you must work directly with the SDC Direct Account Distributor you purchased from to process the return.

Manufacturing Defects:

All products returned to SDC are evaluated for warranty and manufacturer defects. If the product is found to be a manufacturer defect/error, the customer will be returned a fully functioning unit at SDC's expense. Approval for return of merchandise must be requested of SDC, and when granted, the return authorization number must be displayed on all packages returned to SDC.

Non-Returnable Items:

SDC is a build to order manufacturer. Custom products, such as non-standard finishes, sizes and options or pre-assembly configurations are considered special build items and are not returnable for credit. Custom products can only be returned for repairs. Order acknowledgements are marked "NON-CANCELLABLE / NON-RETURNABLE" for custom build items.

  • Obsolete products will not be accepted for return.
  • Products specified with optional features are considered custom and will not be accepted for return.
  • Special finishes (i.e. 313, 605, 606, 611, 612, 613, 625, 629), look for the "Standard" icon in our pricebook to know if the specified finish is a standard or custom finish for any given product. All finish options not marked with a standard icon are considered special finishes:


All freight charges are to be paid by the customer. SDC does not cover incoming freight for RMA evaluations. Incoming freight charges are to be prepaid. When applicable, the product will be returned by UPS Ground unless otherwise requested.

Advanced Replacements:

All advanced replacements must be charged through an authorizing PO or via credit card. For accounting purposes, this allows us to invoice for the replacement product. The final determination for the cause of the problem is typically completed within 3-5 business days upon receipt of the unit(s), so the new invoice should not even be due for collection at that point. This new invoice will be credited when the unit(s) has been deemed defective due to a manufacturing error. If you were charged for the replacement unit(s) by credit card, the credit card will be credited when the unit(s) has been deemed defective due to a manufacturing error. This is standard procedure for facilitation of replacement products from a manufacturer in our industry as well as most other industries.

Please be aware that purchasing an advance replacement for a suspected defective SDC product does not guarantee credit for the return of the original equipment. If the final determination of the problem is deemed to be damaged in the field and not to be a manufacturer’s error, please note that you will be charged for both the original and new unit(s). Our technical support team can only go so far with troubleshooting over the phone. After they have gone as far as they can over the phone, they recommend sending the product back for hands-on evaluation and assessment. Any diagnosis over the phone that a product is “determined to be bad” requires factory corroboration as to the nature and root cause of the problem. The final determination of the root cause of a problem, whether or not it is due to a breach of warranty, or the result of installation or extraneous factors can only be made by the factory after inspection. Our returns policy does not cover inbound freight for that assessment. If warranty credits are due, they will be made after analysis of the product is carried out at the factory. Please understand that many of the returns SDC receives turn out to be field damage issues and not representative of the tech support discussion. All returned products are subject to standard SDC terms.

Stock Rotations:

Only SDC Direct Accounts are eligible to request stock rotations. Do not submit a request for an RMA Authorization for stock rotations. Email returns@sdcsecurity.com for approval of any stock rotation requests and any other stock exchange questions. An offsetting PO is required for a stock rotation request to be approved. Non-returnable products will not be approved on stock rotations.

RMA Authorization Request

Complete one of following forms to request an RMA Authorization:

Please note you are not required to complete one of the above forms to receive an RMA Authorization. If you prefer, SDC Support
can always process an RMA Request with you by phone. RMA requests received by email will not be processed.