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100 / 200 Series

Conventional Direct Throw Electric Bolt Locks

Conventional direct throw bolt locks are the most basic bolt locks available. All SDC bolt locks are available in failsafe or failsecure operation. Not recommended for wood applications.

110 and 210 models feature a bolt assembly that is adjustable forward up to 1” past the face plate to accommodate wide door gaps or special applications.

160 and 260 models feature the same adjustable bolt assembly and are also equipped with an automatic relock ball switch. Automatic relock ball switches keep the bolt retracted while the door is open. The door depresses the ball switch on closure, causing the bolt to project automatically, locking the door. Additionally, ball switches are field adjustable to compensate for wide door gap and bidirectional to permit use on swinging and sliding doors.

180 and 280 models feature a universal surface mount design with an automatic relock switch to provide controlled access of doors, closets, and cabinets.

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Direct Throw Mortise Bolt Lock, Failsafe, 628
Direct Throw Mortise Bolt Lock, Failsecure, 628
Direct Throw Mortise Bolt Lock, Auto-Relock, Failsafe, 628
Direct Throw Surface Mount Bolt Lock, Failsafe, 628
Direct Throw Surface Mount Bolt Lock, Failsecure, 628
Replacement Solenoid, Failsafe, 24VAC
Replacement Solenoid, Failsafe, 12/24VDC
Power Regulator
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