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PanicLok™ PD2090 Series

Panic Device Top Latch Release Bolt Locks

SDC’s PanicLok™ PD2090 series panic device electric bolt locks are top latch releases devices that permit access control and remote timer control of narrow stile glass doors equipped with Dor-O-Matic or Kawneer concealed vertical rod exit devices.

Adaptable to single or pairs of center hung doors and offset doors with a minimum of 1/8” reveal only.

While PD2090 bolt locks are used to control entry from the outside only, the exit device is always operable from the inside for uninhibited egress. An automatic relock ball switch keeps the bolt retracted while the door is open. The door depresses the ball switch on closure, causing the bolt to project automatically, locking the door. Additionally, ball switches are field adjustable to compensate for wide door gap.

PD2090A models are failsecure, the bolt retracts when energized the door is unlocked for free access and egress. When deenergized, the door is locked on the exterior only. A power supply with battery backup capability is required for electrical unlocking during a power failure.

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  • UL 10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ULC-S104 Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ULC-S533 Egress Door Securing and Releasing Devices
Panic Device Bolt Lock, Failsecure, LH/RHR, 630
Panic Device Bolt Lock, Failsecure, RH/LHR, 630
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