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IPD Series

IP-Based Controllers

Bring safe, secure, easy to implement door access control to the Network’s edge without the headaches of costlier, more complicated enterprise solutions. SDC IPPro® IPD series IPbased single door access controllers come with two ethernet ports for interfacing with an additional IP device. They allow expansion from one standalone door up to a 100-door “grid.” The additional ethernet port allows IT departments to save a port when connecting an extra door at the server. Installers can eliminate a long cable run when connecting an additional IP device. Every IPPro® controller comes with secure, built-in software to manage up to 32 doors from any standard web browser to allow for real-time monitoring, user management and audit trail up to 5,000 events. Or download our FREE PLUS PC-Client software to control up to 100 doors from a single PC. IPPro® PLUS is a role-based access control software suite with different interface modules.

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  • UL 294 Access Control System Units
IPPro Controller Board with Enclosure
IPPro Door Station Expansion Board with Enclosure
IPPro Starter Kit (IPDCE, IPI-30 and IPS-12)
IPPro Splitter, 12VDC PoE+
IPPro Injector, 30W PoE+
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