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420 Series

Push Button Switches

The illuminated switch button is two inches square for easy activation and is visually conspicuous. The high impact resistant material stands up to abuse. The “PUSH TO EXIT” sign complies with NFPA requirements. The 422A is designed for access and egress ADA applications.

The 420 series utilizes 2” illuminated buttons. The standard “EXIT” signage is large for easy identification. The high impact resistant material stands up to abuse.

Code compliant manual releasing devices and sensors, 423MN exit switches used together with MD-31D motion sensors comply with manual releasing device and sensor device requirements for access-controlled egress doors per the following codes:

IBC International Code 1008.1.3.4

IFC International Fire Code 1008.1.3.4

NFPA 101 Life Safety Code


BOCA National Building Code 1017.4.5

SBCCI Standard Building Code 1012.7

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  • UL 294 Access Control System Units*
  • * Only 423, 423M and 425 models are UL 294 listed

Single Gang, Momentary (MO), SPDT, 630
Single Gang, Electronic Timer, Fixed (30 seconds), DPDT, 630
Single Gang, Pneumatic Timer, Adjustable (1-45 seconds), DPST, 630
Single Gang, Electronic Timer, Adjustable (1-60 seconds), DPDT, 630
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