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460 Series

Capacitive Stainless Steel Button Switches

SDC’s 460 series capacitive touch sensors are heavy duty vandal resistant exit switches designed for indoor, commercial, and industrial egress applications. Constructed of stainless steel and utilizing capacitive sensor technology, the switch is ideal for high traffic conditions. The vandal resistant design ensures superior performance in virtually any environment.

The switch features an integrated output timer that is adjustable for 1 - 40 seconds or toggle on/off and switch selectable illumination status. Brilliant red and vibrant green can be selected to show relay ON or OFF status.

460 series switches can be used to control an automatic door, electromechanical lock, strike, or magnetic lock. It may also be tied into the remote bypass (REX) input of an access control system or used to shunt an alarm system to allow egress from a secure area.

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