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ExitAnnunciator® EA100 Series

Multi-Mode Visual Annunciators

The SDC ExitAnnunciator® is a multi-color signal device, that interfaces with delayed egress or standard EMLocks® and can be used as a wall, ceiling, or frame mount indicator. The EA100 ExitAnnunciator® bar can upgrade all existing SDC delayed egress and standard EMLocks, plus many other manufacturers’ electromagnetic locks. This visual annunciator bar is highly visible from all angles due to multiple color LED lights with rolling signals.

It interfaces with delayed egress devices for forced entry or unauthorized exit signaling. Built-in sensors in the lock will activate a local and/or remote alarm upon attempting forced entry before the door has been compromised.

Compatible with SDC, Rofu, Schlage, Secolarm, RCI, Dynalock, Securitron and Door King electromagnetic locks.

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Multi-Mode Visual Annunciator
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