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LR100 Series

Retrofit Exit Device ELR Kits

SDC’s QuietDuo™ LR100 series retrofit electric latch retraction kits enable electric access control and dogging of panic and fire rated mechanical exit devices. When energized the motor retracts the exit device latch and pulls the pushpad into the dogged (depressed) position enabling momentary or sustained push and pull operation of the door. The latch retraction mechanism may be activated by an access control, remote control device or building automation system. No door sequencer required for a pair of manual doors when connected to a suitable power supply. The exit device always provides uninhibited egress.

The patented design was the first retrofit motorized electric latch retraction kit brought to market and has been recognized as the market leader ever since. The use of a motorized electric latch retraction device provides several advantages over solenoids including lower current draw, quieter operation and greater durability over time. Designed with cost savings in mind, SDC’s LR100 series retrofit ELR kits not only eliminate the need for costly replacements of existing exit devices, but also provide cost savings on installation and power requirements due to significantly less labor time and current draw when compared to competitive retrofit kits. LR100 kits retrofit select exit device brands without removing the device from the door.

LR100 models are one unit completely housed within the rail of the device behind the access cover, whereas LR100-EM models are two piece space saver units, intended to gain up to one inch in spacing within the device, placing the controller board externally to accommodate smaller field cut devices for smaller openings or where space is limited within the rail.

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  • UL 305 Panic Hardware
  • UL 10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ULC-S104 Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1
Von Duprin Field Install ELR Kit, 98/99, 36” - 48” Opening
Von Duprin Field Install ELR Kit, 98/99, 30” Opening
Von Duprin Field Install ELR Kit, 22, 36” - 48” Opening
Adams Rite Field Install ELR Kit, 8000/3000, 36” - 48” Opening
Arrow Field Install ELR Kit, S1250/S1150, 36” - 48” Opening
Corbin Russwin Field Install ELR Kit, 5000/4000, 36” - 48” Opening
Dorma Field Install ELR Kit, 9000/F9000, 36” Opening
Detex Field Install ELR Kit, 10/40/20/50/80/60, 36” Opening
Dor-O-Matic Field Install ELR Kit, 1590/1490, 36” Opening
Dor-O-Matic Field Install ELR Kit, 1790/1690, 36” Opening
First Choice Field Install ELR Kit, 3790/3690, 36” Opening
Falcon Field Install ELR Kit, 25/24, 36” Opening
Hager Field Install ELR Kit, 4501, 36” - 48” Opening
Jackson Field Install ELR Kit, 2095/2085, 36” Opening
Stanley K2 Field Install ELR Kit, QED100, 36” - 48” Opening
Marks Field Install ELR Kit, M9900, 36” Opening
PHI Field Install ELR Kit, 2000/5200, 36” - 48” Opening
SDC Field Install ELR Kit, S6000, 36” - 48” Opening
Sargent Field Install ELR Kit, 8000, 36” - 48” Opening
Yale Field Install ELR Kit, 7000, 36” - 48” Opening
Von Duprin Retrofit Monitoring Kit, 98/99/33/35, Request-To-Exit (REX)
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