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1511T Series

Tandem Integrated Delayed Egress Locks

SDC’s ExitCheck® delayed egress locks continue to be the premier delayed egress locks on the market. The patented design revolutionized delayed egress by incorporateing an alternating verbal message, verbal countdown and alarm tone, plus a large digital countdown display and door release indicator to provide a clear warning for the safety of persons without prior knowledge of door operation, including the blind and hearing impaired. Designed to delay egress through perimeter exit doors for 15 or 30 seconds, alert security and personnel to unauthorized egress, and are compatible with access controls and patient wandering systems.

1511T SDC ExitCheck® Delayed Egress Lock, Integrated, Surface Mount, Tandem, 1650lbs, Verbal & Digital Annunciator

u Features
  • Integrated delayed egress magnetic lock 
  •  Interlocking quick mount assembly 
  •  Visual countdown display indicator 
  •  Alternating verbal message 
  •  Verbal countdown and alarm tone 
  •  Built-in activation trigger 
  •  Adjustable door movement sensor 
  •  Integrated three position keyswitch 
  •  Wandering patient, patient and infant tracking system compatible 
  • Code compliant operation modes 
  •  Auto-sensing dual voltage 
  •  Voltage and current spike protection 
  •  Field selectable security or safety message 
  •  Field selectable activation trigger 
  •  Field selectable automatic or manual reset 
  •  Field selectable sustained or timed bypass 
  •  Single or multi-door zone control and reset 
  •  Remote reset  
  • Fire/emergency release 
  •  Anti-tailgate 
  •  Request-to-exit (REX)