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S6000-101 Series

All-In-One Delayed Egress Devices

SDC’s S6000-101 series all-in-one devices integrates the S6000 series exit device with SDC’s innovative delayed egress electronics.

When unauthorized egress is initiated by depressing the push pad of the S6000-101, an audible alarm will sound and an irreversible delay period of 15 seconds will begin. After the delay period has expired, the device unlocks, permitting egress until the device is reset. In a life safety emergency, the device will immediately unlock upon loss of power or when powered by a fire control supervised power supply.

A choice of operation mode allows users to meet their local code compliance while meeting all national and regional building and fire life safety codes, including NFPA 101, Special Locking Arrangements. All SDC delayed egress locks release immediately in an emergency.

For double door applications, order a separate S6000-DES series exit device with ExitCheck® slave operation to secure the door. The delayed egress slave device enables pushing either door leaf to trigger the delayed release of both doors.

Trim is ordered separately, see related products.

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  • UL 305 Panic Hardware
  • UL 10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
Mortise Cylinder 6-Pin, 1-1/8” Length, Keyed Alike
Mortise Cylinder, 6-Pin, 1-1/8” Length, Keyed Different
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