SDC & Code Alert® partner to provide a reliable elopement
solution for patient wandering in LTC Facilities

How it Works

- resident wearing transmitter wristband gets too close to a monitored exit

- attennas pickup the transmitter signal and the system locks the door

- if the resident tries to open the door, an audible alarm from the Touchpad Exit Controller sounds

- Central Station receives Alert Information

Security and Life Safety Considerations

Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities present unique security issues different from traditional hospital and health care facility security requirements. Patients/residents in LTC facilities are more at risk to harm from their own actions like wandering, confusion and disorientation, from outsiders taking advantage of their frail and weakened conditions, or from their own aggressive behaviors. Extra care, attention and security is required.

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Compliance and regulations have become more complex and liability claims have climbed in recent years, making the safety and security of residents a key component in every LTC facility's risk management plans. This is providing huge opportunities for those door hardware, security dealers and distributors, installers and system integrators willing to educate themselves in the skills, expertise and solutions needed to serve this market.

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