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480V Series

Vestibule Push Plates

SDC's vestibule push plates actuators combined with SDC's operator, bollards and locking devices allow for complete access and egress solutions for ADA compliant applications. Vestibule push plates feature two separate face plate switches that will allow for independent activation of two automatic doors. Available in various display verbiage, logo, and markings. All vestibule push plates can be wireless or hardwired, bollard or wall mounted.

( 4" Square Vestibule Push Plate Switches

'Push to Open, blue infill, Vestibule Split Buttons, SPDT

L / R Arrow, Push to Open, black infill, Vestibule Split Buttons, SPDT
u Features
  • Pressing any part of the push plates 4” split active area causes switch actuation
  • 1 Gang recessed or Surface Box Mount
  • Depth: SPDT ⅝” deep