NEW PRODUCTS 1st Quarter 2019 -
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High-Density Surface for Cleanliness and Durability

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WPT Wireless Power Transfer

WPT uses a radio frequency (RF) transmitter to send energy wirelessly across the door gap to a RF receiver that converts the energy to DC voltage to power electrified locks and latches. Retrofitting electrified locks into openings with existing doors is simpler and less time consuming.

  • No Door Core Drilling Required
  • Transfer of Latchbolt Monitoring, REX or Data Signals
  • Door Status Output
  • No More Broken Wires, No Moving Parts
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Classroom Lockdown Solution

Classroom Lockdown Without Barricades

SDC’s solution provides specifically designed classroom security locking functions that allow users to quickly lock the door from either side and meet code requirements for free egress, fire protection and accessibility. They are the fastest and safest solution for “lockdown” situations and minimize the possibility of an exit being blocked during an emergency.
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LR100 Kawneer Electrification Kit

LR100KWK-EM - For rim mount Model 1786

  • Motorized Electric Latch Retraction & Dogging for Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Device
  • Retrofits Kawneer Exit Device Brands Without Removing Device From the Door
  • 1amp Inrush, 200 mA Continous @ 24 VDC
  • Original Kawneer 36” Device, NOT Field Modified
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