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New Products 2020 - 2nd Quarter

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S5000E - Storefront Electrified Exit Device

The S5000E is a code compliant alternative to magnetic locks for storefronts with superior aesthetics.

  • Compatible with Low-Energy Door Operators
  • Pre-Installed Electric Latch Retraction
  • Grade 1 Heavy Duty All Metal Construction
  • Rim & Concealed Vertical Rods
  • REX Option

E75KL - Standalone Electronic Locksets Series with Privacy Function

The EntryCheck® E75 Privacy is the perfect, low-cost standalone solution for new or retrofitting of Service Station, Convenience Store, Fast Food or Coffee House restroom facilities.

  • Vandal Resistant Single-Button Privacy Mode Activation
  • Audible and Visual Privacy Mode Confirmation
  • Activation of Privacy Mode Locks Out Keypad
  • Turning Inside Lever Deactivates Privacy Mode
  • Privacy Mode Override by Key or Master Code

SDC/Code Alert® Elopement Solution™ - Ensuring Security, Life Safety & ADA Compliance in Long Term Care Facilities

Reliable Elopement/Wandering Patients Solution

Includes popular Access & Egress Solution Applications: Entrances, Common Areas, Drug Cabinets/Medical Supplies, Resident Housing, Shared Bathrooms, Dementia/Alzheimer Unit, Administration, Employee Lounge and more

S4000E - Low-Profile Electrified Exit Device

The S4000E with all Stainless Steel Construction provides Grade 2 Pricing with Grade 1 Durability.

  • Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • Pre-Installed Electric Latch Retraction
  • Rim and Surface Vertical Rods
  • REX and Trim Options Available