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7500 Series

Solenoid Frame Actuator Controlled Mortise Locks

SDC’s HiTower® 7500 series solenoid frame actuator controlled mortise locks are an evolution of SDC’s original, patented design for using an electric frame actuator to control a modified mechanical door lock or exit device and is the groundbreaking product technology upon which SDC was founded over 50 years ago. Elegant in their simplicity, HiTower® locks provide hardwire control with no electric hinge and no wires in the door which eliminates costly parts and labor.

HiTower® locks provide building and fire life safety code compliance for fire rated office doors, corridor doors, lobby doors, exit doors and stairwell doors because all wires are contained in the door frame – eliminating the need for manufacturers to prep the door for wires to maintain fire ratings.

Z75 models are SDC brand mortise locks built to HiTower® specifications.

ZY75 models are mortise locks SDC built to retrofit discontinued manufacturer models previously modified to HiTower® specifications by SDC, including Falcon LM581, Sargent 7704/7705, Corbin 955L/2257, Russwin 7059L, Arrow 1600EW, Yale 8705, Almet 5007 and Best 35HEW.

ZR75 models are mortise locks SDC built to retrofit discontinued Falcon 5000/6000 series models to HiTower® specifications.

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  • UL 10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • ULC-S104 Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • CSFM Listed 3774-0324:0101
Replacement HiTower Controller, LH, 24VDC, 626 (Schlage L9080)
Replacement HiTower Controller, RH, 24VDC, 626 (Schlage L9080)
Mortise Cylinder 6-Pin, 1-1/8” Length, Keyed Alike
Mortise Cylinder, 6-Pin, 1-1/8” Length, Keyed Different
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